Valuation matters

Property disputes more often than not involve the question of value and/or the effect of some event on the value of the property concerned. Disputes can arise due to a basic disagreement on value, for example, within a contested probate or family matter or from disputes where there is a claim for loss arising from either an act of mis-representation or negligence.

Our Valuer’s are experienced in this area of practice and are familiar with the principals of the effect on value of property of factors which are the subject of a dispute, often giving advice on issues relating to diminution in value. We are also experienced in giving evidence in Court.

Typically, where a value is in dispute the valuation date is historic and our Valuer’s are also experienced in dealing with retrospective matters.

Whilst each party to a dispute may through their solicitors instruct their own expert witness Valuer, more commonly, especially in matrimonial matters, parties are encouraged to appoint a single joint expert (SJE) and we are seeing an increasing number of instructions on this basis.

Courts will usually require valuation reports to be carried out to recognised standards of impartiality and therefore typically the requirement is that such reports are prepared by a Chartered Valuation Surveyor who is also a RICS Registered Valuer.

Whatever your valuation requirements, be it the family home, business premises or an investment property, for further information regarding our expert witness valuation services or to discuss particular requirements please do not hesitate to contact Lloyd Smale FRICS, RICS Registered Valuer on 01392 201748.

Our Expert Witness property valuation services are available from Exeter across Devon and the wider south-west.

Information on our building dispute Expert Witness services, can be found here.


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