Planning consent advice

When undertaking almost any type of building extension, alteration, repair or refurbishment it is surprising how many forms of consent you may need to obtain.

If you occupy the building as a tenant you will certainly need Landlord’s consent.

If you are undertaking any alterations to the external parts of buildings, or changing the use you may need consent from the Local Planning Authority.

If you are considering any development with regards to buildings or their uses, you may wish to establish whether there are likely to be any planning problems with your proposals. Whilst this can be done by contacting your Local Authority, on a more contentious planning proposal you may feel the need for some independent advice. We are regularly in contact with Planning Authorities making applications on behalf of clients and are therefore familiar with the planning application and approval process.

We also provide planning advice as part of any design work for new build, extensions or change of use.

You may also need Building Regulation Advice. Please contact Ian Squair for further information.

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