NHBC/Insurance claims

Most insurance claims for damage to buildings are dealt with by the insurance company. They arrange for loss adjusters to act on their behalf in administering the claim and arranging for works by their preferred contractors. This does not necessarily mean they will be acting in the best interest of the insured and you may wish to seek independent advice from a building surveyor. Unfortunately, the cost of such advice will not usually be met by the insurance company.

In some more specialised cases, such as where the insurance policy is issued by NHBC, Zurich or similar body on new build properties, you may need the guidance and support of an independent professional building surveyor to pursue the claim on your behalf. It is important that your adviser should be experienced in these matters in order to have the highest possibility of success. Unfortunately, again it is unlikely that the insurance company will meet these fees.

Please contact Ian Squair for further information.

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