Dilapidations schedules

The law of dilapidations applies to leasehold properties and is usually applied when the lease is coming to an end. We can act for Landlords or Tenants in dilapidations work.

For the Landlord, we can prepare the schedule, cost it, negotiate a settlement and arrange for the works to be undertaken on his instruction.

For the Tenant, we can advise on the potential liability before a schedule is served, advise on the liability on receipt of a schedule of dilapidations, and negotiate a settlement or arrange for the works to be undertaken if applicable.

Dilapidations is a very complex area of law with many potential benefits and pitfalls depending on your level of knowledge. It is vitally important that you obtain proper professional guidance with regards to your liability or potential liability (see Schedules of Condition).

Please contact John Murrin for further information.

We can also assist with Specialist Section 18 Dilapidation Valuations.

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