Building regulation advice

When undertaking almost any type of building extension, alteration, repair or refurbishment, it is surprising how many forms of consent you may need to obtain.

If you occupy the building as a tenant you will certainly need Landlord’s consent.

If you are undertaking any alterations to the external parts of buildings, or changing the use, you may need consent from the Local Planning Authority.

As part of the design process or in connection with works to a building we are able to advise on the need for planning and building regulation approvals.  The building regulations which control the design and construction of buildings become ever more complicated, particularly in the areas of noise and thermal insulation.  It is vital therefore, that before you contemplate carrying out any works you are adequately advised as to the impact of the building regulations on them and possibly on other parts of the property not immediately affected by the works you propose. 

For further information on our Planning Permission services please contact Ian Squair

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