Commercial Property Management


Drew Pearce can provide an effective and individual property management service for your property. The main services we can provide are

  • Rent collection

  • Service charge budget and expenditure management

  • Financial management

  • Lease compliance

  • Contractor management

  • Insurance management

  • Property Services Support

  • Service charge consultancy



Rent Reviews


We offer market based, expert advice to both Landlords and Tenants on rent reviews under existing leases. Rent reviews normally occur at 3 or 5 year intervals.

Both parties often have different aspirations in respect of the outcome of a rent review, and the professional surveyors at Drew Pearce offer a significant level of skill and expertise in acting for both landlords and tenants to negotiate the best settlement in an increasingly complex commercial environment.

Our service includes accurate analysis of market conditions examining the documentation and property inspections. Our fees can be performance based to suit the requirements of the client and this service provided in addition to our Property Management capability.



Lease Renewals


The renewal of a commercial property lease gives an opportunity for both landlord and tenant to consider their interest in a property. This area of property transactions is complicated by statute, case law and procedure. Drew Pearce’s professional team have a wealth of experience acting on behalf of both landlords and tenants in lease renewal situations. It is important for both parties to take early advice in respect of rental values, length of lease, redevelopment/refurbishment and often the likely strength of the position of the other party.

It is an opportunity for tenants to negotiate a differing length of term, perhaps with the inclusion of a break clause and for the landlord to modify an existing lease in order that recent statute and drafting developments can be incorporated into a new agreement.

When considering a lease renewal, tactics and timings are vital and both parties are advised to take early advice.



 Maintenance and Repair


Buildings require maintenance in the same way that vehicles need maintenance to keep them safe and working efficiently. You may wish to undertake the work yourself or simply instruct a builder, but how do you know that the work you are doing or paying for is the most appropriate and that it will fix any identified defect? Can the opportunity be taken to improve your building for the future at little or no additional cost? We can advise on maintenance and repair matters and arrange for the works to be undertaken on a competitive basis with the peace of mind that comes with professional advice.


Defect Diagnosis


If your property has recently developed a defect which causes you concern, such as a crack, a leak, dampness or decay, or if your property has had a defect for a number of years and various attempts to repair it by builders have been unsuccessful, you should seek the advice of one of our building surveyors. Building surveyors understand how buildings are put together, how they work and how they fail. They are best placed to investigate the problem and advise on suitable remedial works including preparing specifications and drawings if necessary and obtaining competitive quotations from builders.


Maintenance Planning


Maintenance planning usually applies to commercial properties or blocks of flats, where guidance is needed on how best to maintain the buildings for the future, and how to plan that maintenance to spread the expenditure. This information is usually provided as part of a property management service which we can also provide. On occasions however, clients may have a need for maintenance planning independent of the property management role.

Our involvement in property management gives us experience in maintenance planning, helping us to guide you as to the most appropriate way to deal with your property.

For further information on our Maintenance and Repair advice please contact Stephen Hart MRICS


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